The Four SAX Virtuosos is Dr. Hinojosa's 17th book - it was published in October 2021. It's a milestone book for two reasons: 1) It's Dr. Hinojosa's very first Best-Seller! and 2) It's the first book that features Dr. Hinojosa's original artwork on the cover. The Four SAX Virtuosos is for musicians and non-musicians alike. It's a must read! Dr. Hinojosa is a professional Saxophonist himself! 

Another must-read is The Language of Winners! which is Dr. Hinojosa's first "trifecta" - he's written the softcover, then the Kindle e-book, and finally the Spanish version entitled El Lenguaje de los Triunfadores! So now, you can start living, breathing, and speaking The Language of Winners! in English, Spanish, and on the go, everywhere you go! You'll also want to check out his long-awaited personal memoir, Fighting to Heal: The Story of Dr. Pepe... and his fight is one where he doesn't pull any punches! You have to read it to believe it, so get your copy today!
Dr. Hinojosa accidentally fell in love with writing - he was getting ready to attend medical school and was about to start his final semester at Brown University when he found out he still needed one more English class in order to graduate! So he signed up for the only English class available (yes, with a bunch of Freshmen) and got bitten by the writing bug. He is still infected to this day and truly believes there is no cure.  


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Books by Dr. Hinojosa

Books by Dr. Hinojosa

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