It was as if a powerful improvised solo emanated  

Books by Dr. Hinojosa

Dr Saxy on Gig Heaven

Books by Dr. Hinojosa

Books by Dr. Hinojosa

  • Dr. Hinojosa's personal memoir, Fighting to Heal: The Story of Dr. Pepe, is now on sale! Learn the true story of this charismatic physician, world champion martial artist, author, musician, sketch artist, and more. Get your copy today!

Meet Author Jose Luis Hinojosa, MD

her soul. Well, first in her gut, then her soul. 

  • The Language of Winners! is Dr. Hinojosa's first "trifecta" - he's written the softcover, then the Kindle e-book, and finally the Spanish version entitled El Lenguaje de los Triunfadores! So now, you can start living, breathing, and speaking The Language of Winners! in English, Spanish, and on the go, everywhere you go! 

from it and struck her, punching her deeply in 

~ Excerpt from the #1 Best-Seller 

The Four SAX Virtuosos